No blood clots!!!!!!!! Compression socks are a necessity

Shay D

Happy customer 6 days post-op. Look at that Booty! 😻She’s rocking her “Im So Cheeky” compression socks. Compression socks are of vital importance to a safe recovery! Compression socks help prevent deep vein thrombosis which can be caused by any surgery, not just plastic. It is when a blood clot forms deep in the veins of your body , usually in the leg. The big issue with a blood clot is that you risk it traveling to your lungs and blocking your breathing potentially becoming life-threatening.

It is very important that you walk often after surgery even if your body is saying otherwise. I personally tried to get up and walk at least every 2-3 hours. I was lucky enough to have a nurse that didn’t take no for an answer. No matter the pain or meds you are under , make sure you walk and wear your compression socks 24/7 for atleast 10 days post-op!  #bbl #brazilianbuttlifts #brazilian #recoveryhomes #plasticsurgerymiami #plasticsurgerynyc #buttaugmentationwithfatgrafting #liposuctionsurgery #compressionstockings #compressionsocks #postopcare #postopsupplies

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