EAT! EAT! EAT!!! I’m not saying go eat McDonalds 🍔 or  Dominoes 🍕 like I did 😫, don’t judge me😫 but yea that new fat booty 🤤needs the fat and carbs ! I know you’re trying to keep those freshly sculpted curves after that surgery. HOWEVER, we need to feed that fat. Your body NEEDS those extra calories. The addition of adding more healthy fat in your diet post-surgery will prove to be extremely helpful in your safe and smooth recovery. 

The new fat has been abruptly removed from its former home and will need these calories to assist with it finding a new blood supply. We can worry about that diet and exercise after about week 8 . After 8 weeks your displaced fat should have established a new blood supply. AKA THAT BOOTY IS HERE TO STAY! 😬Happy Healing! 

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