Pineapples and why you should get some !

Shay D

Pineapples are key pre and post-surgery. Pineapples contain Bromelain which is an enzyme that speeds healing and inflammation post surgery. Bromelain also assists with nausea which usually occurs after someone has been under anesthesia. It is a low cost but tasty healing aid and superfood ! 

Pineapple juice was the first thing that my nurse gave me when I got out of surgery. Not only was it tasty but it assisted with my nausea. I drank pineapple juice for days after my surgery and found that it reduced my inflammation greatly . My surgery girls and guys rack up on this. It’s one of the few low cost items needed for your surgery!#brazilianbuttlift #liposuction #plasticsurgery #pineapple #bbl

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